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The beginning of the old journal

Today was a good day. When I got up, I went downstairs to watch TV. Then, I went back up, and ate. After, I went to my room to play Race & Chase (R) with my Bro.. Mom said we had to work but I practiced piano. I gazed at the people playing outside. Mom said it was time to go to my lesson. When I got home, I went to play with them. It didn’t turn out that well. When I got home, I turned on a record. It was a sound effects record.

(I was an odd kid. This is from 8-31-96)
(From 7-22-97 – I knew Daniel this early. This day I had known him for 1/2 a year.)


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  1. And thus the adventure begins. I had received a journal for Christmas of 1991 when I was but a strapping young lad of nine. This entry is also proof that journals can help jog your memory, even of events that weren’t explicitly recorded. For example, I clearly remember experiencing everything laid out here, including playing in the snow with the neighbors across the street. I don’t remember the exact conflict, but most likely it was with my brother over some inane thing. This is also an early example of my strange taste in “music.” I mean, a sound effects record? The great hits like “big door opening” and “2 minutes of rainfall?”

    January 6, 2007 at 10:41 am

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