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Hi! It’s been exactly 11 hours (it’s 9:56 AM). I’m about to fo to another class of Self-Esteem. We are doing a thing called Free the Horses that has Kelly, Jerome the gnome, Bright Knight, Rabbit, Ted Bear, Cleaver Beaver, the Able one, My deer, Merlina, Zor, and Teen Zor. All of the ones not underlined are trying. . .

(P.S. I had to leave to go to the self-esteem class, so I didn’t finish writing this entry)


Random 5th grade stuff

Hello again. It’s been exactly 7 months and 3 days. Dustin is long gone. Dan (now Daniel) is out of the hospital and came to the last week of school. I discovered that I don’t like Mrs. Mackay. I’m glad I’m out of 5th grade! Dad is sicker than a dog. Um, Um, oh yeah. He has AIDS and now he has phneumonia! Help! In church yesterday I told my class that Dad was sick, and (I’ll write the rest tomorrow….Tomorrow is here!) Riley guessed he had AIDS! No one is supposed to know that!!!! I’ve been reading a bunch of Calvin and Hobbes books, and I think that somebody to cuddle up with is important. I also have been taking Self-Esteem classes, and I love them. This is the last week, and I would like them to go on. I have a stuffed bear named Butter S. Tape, and we kythe to each other. Right now I am trying to get a fly out of my room. I started a new subject in Prodigy called Mario Mania and two people have written already! Next testimony meeting I am going to bear my testimony, and it’s going to be long! Well, I’m sorry, but I gotta go. It’s 10:56 PM. Bye-bye.