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Hi! It’s been exactly 11 hours (it’s 9:56 AM). I’m about to fo to another class of Self-Esteem. We are doing a thing called Free the Horses that has Kelly, Jerome the gnome, Bright Knight, Rabbit, Ted Bear, Cleaver Beaver, the Able one, My deer, Merlina, Zor, and Teen Zor. All of the ones not underlined are trying. . .

(P.S. I had to leave to go to the self-esteem class, so I didn’t finish writing this entry)


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  1. I still vaguely remember these classes. I don’t remember any of these characters, but I do remember an example of my trying to sound smart, but not really knowing what I was saying. During one class my sister Annelise had come with me that day, and we were going around the table saying the one attribute of ourselves that we were most proud of. When it came to Annelise she said she was proudest of her integrity. A few days before I had taken that four-color personality test at home, the one where red represents power and self-confidence, blue represents intimacy and emotion, white represents peace, and yellow represents fun and carefreeness(if that’s a word). So, in an effort to sound smart, I said that the attribute I was most proud of was my intimacy. Remember, I was 10 years old at the time. While I felt smart, I’m sure the adults in the room didn’t quite know how to respond to that remark.

    January 6, 2007 at 11:04 am

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