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Archive for November, 1994

7th grade

Did I really write that last entry? Blechh. Cough Cough. Anyway, I’m in 7th grade now. 8 pages spanned 2 almost 3 years! Rachel, my cousin, is going to have her baby tonight! That’s great! If it’s a boy, I hope it’s named Larry. I had scouts tonight, & we played with a hacky sack, a football, & a basketball. I’m in jazz band and I play the keyboard bass. We’re playing songs like Opus One, Swingin’ Easy, T.W.A., Knight’s Court, Blue Bones, This Little Light of Mine, & the Third Bass Blues, where we get to improvize. I have Landeen, McKilligan, Hales. . .wait a minute, I mean Thomson, Howell, Rea, Hendricks, and Ferrin for teachers at school. I don’t like Oquirrh Middle that much. It sucks. But I have some new friends, namely Tabitha Wallace, Layne Lowder, Adam Wayman, Bobby Whatshisname, etc. I love Muppets. I called KSL Channel 5 in order for them to put on the Muppets Take Manhattan. Well, gotta go. Bye. See ya.

P.S. Dustin is long gone. Daniel & I keep in touch through Ben.