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From Cumorah’s Hill

Hello again, There is 190 pages in this journal, & I predict that when I die at 100 years of age, I wouldn’t’ve filled this journal yet! At the rate I’m going, anyway. The semester changed last January, so now I have Gym, McKilligan, Gibb, Lamdin, & the rest are the same. Rachel had her baby & named HIM(yes!) Andrew. I’m in this really neat program called “From Cumorah’s Hill,” and I have a solo in the song “What Can They Have to Say?” It’s really a neat thing. We have out last practice tonight before our performances on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday this week. I wish I could write about it and how it went, but I can’t not yet, anyway. My solo goes like this:

I am a child of the modern age
I am a son of the present hour,

What can these words
From so long ago
Mean to me now?

What can they have
To say to me?
We live so differently

What can they have
To offer me?
They lived so far from me,
So many years away.

What can they have to say?

Pretty near song with the music, actually. It’s all about the prophets & stuff. There’s a lot more, but you can listen to them anytime you want, because we bought the CD. It’s so neat.

I wish it could go on forever.

It lifts up my spirits so much. I just wish we could keep performing it and performing it and performing it. . .
Well, gotta go. Bye.