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“Oh, tada! OK, I think I know what’s wrong.” “Oh, tada?”

Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Hi agian. I mean again. You know December 16, 1992? Well, we got it again. TSN. Only now it’s called INN (ImagiNation Network). I’m going to have my turn tomorrow, since we ran out of time today. You know what? I met the girl of my dreams about a week ago. Literally. I mean she’s the girl of my dreams because she’s IN my dreams. Her name’s Jennifer, and she’s really nice, smart, kind, trustworthy, loyal, friendly, helpful, courteous, obedient, thrifty, cheerful, clean, brave, & reverent. Unquote. What’s really weird is that I was a show two days ago called something like “On Witch Mountain: or something like, that, which describes Jennifer & me perfectly. Except that they were named Danny & Anna, Anna was not in Danny’s mind, and they were orphans. That’s about it. It’s. . .it’s uncanny that they could show that about 5 days after I dreamed up Jennifer. It’s just too. . .weird. I just can’t believe it. Oh, well. Enough of that. I hate school. I’m luck it’s halfway through the 4th quarter (we got mid-terms Friday). I would list my friends, but as of now, I don’t have any. Isn’t it weird that I almost always end with “Well, gotta go. Bye.”? Probably not as weird as the above and beforementioned. Well, gotta go. Bye.

What? What? (It’s a Bill Nye thing)


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  1. This Jennifer that I dreamed up had a profound influence on my life at the time. 7th grade was probably the low point of my life, and I guess my psyche had to make up for it somehow, so Jennifer was created in a dream. I talk about her a bit more at the end of this blog entry.

    I still don’t know exactly what movie that was that I saw that day. All I remember besides what I wrote above is that the color purple was somehow integral to the plot.

    January 6, 2007 at 11:25 am

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