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Archive for May, 1995

Stern warning

I just have one thing to say.

Ben, if you read, this, you are


Thank you.


Scientific Records

Hi, again. I lost her. You know how in the last entry she was so prominent in my mind? Well, now she’s gone. You probably guessed I’m talking about Jennifer. You’re right.

Well, school’s finally out, and I’m 300% happier! We only have one more week of 7th grade, and then it’s fun in the sun! Until my Daddy takes the T-bird away, anyway. You know, I was wondering what scientists of the future dug up our remains and the only journal that they could find was mine? Whoa. They’d think our whole world listened to sound effects records, played with Ben and Tyler (secondary gods), had Mrs. Mackay (primary god), drew 🙂 faces and dead people, went to self-esteem classes, found Innovators to be extremely interesting, wonder what Muppets are, knew “From Cumorah’s Hill,” and dreamed up people named Jennifer! I can imagine the looks on their faces when they figure that Bill Nye the Science Guy is everybody’s idol. (He’s mine, anyway.) Or thinking we rode in giant birds called T-birds. Ha! I don’t think so. Well, I gotta go. Bye-bye, guys.