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Hee hee. I just finished reading Ben’s journal. You know the April 8th, 1994 entry? Well, that is nothing an, I mean NOTHING compared to Ben’s love “poetry.” Tee hee. Ben, if you are reading this, see previous entry. For those of you who don’t know, Ben is a bother. . .err–my brother. I wish school would start. I can just imagine you reading this right now with your eyes popping out of your head, but it’s true. There’s nothing to do. Dad is now sicker than a sick dog. He’s so sick that Meals on Wheels® has to come every night to feed him. It gives me the chills. Brrrrrrrrr! It’s not so mu. . .SLAP! Thanks. I needed that. It’s not so much he’s sick but he’s acting like a self-centered pig. No offense. Mom says it’s the medication for AIDS-related stuff that makes him irritable. I hope so. There are TOO MANY SPIDERS IN THIS HOUSE!!! We need to call an exterminator or something. It gives me the shivers. Oh no! Not again! I’ll see you later. Bye! SLAP! Thanks again.