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Archive for August 6, 1995

Scout elections

Hey all you people reading this right now. I’m as tired as a bug in a rug. Wait. . .that’s not right, is it? Notice this is the SAME PEN as last entry. To the button–I mean ink. I have the chills because Ben scared me out of my wits. Oh no! There’s nobody here to slap me! I’ll just slap myself. SLAP!

YEEOUCH! I slap hard! Anyway, Ben was in here looking for his journal (gulp!) that I returned, but he still can’t find for some reason. I dunno. I gotta cut this short. Maybe I’ll rite the wrest tomorrow. See ya!

P.S. I wish Dustin were here. He’s kewl. I’m going to Snowbird in two days for scout elections. Maybe I’ll be Senior Patrol Leader! What am I? Patrol Two Leader See ya!