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Dying father

I couldn’t find my journal forever because it was hidden beneath my mattress. I go to Midvale Middle School now, in the ALPS program. And guess what? Unless you’ve read this, you never will. Julie Ohngren goes there too! Isn’t that just. . .weird? I have Stacy, Andrus, Reimschussel(Reimy!), Van Deuren (who knows Mrs. McKilligan), Gregrich, Woodger (pronounced with a “j” sound), and Soulia! You know what? Pages 1-8 have spanned 3 years, but pages 9-16 have all been 1995! Cool, huh? Notice the pen at the bottom has now turned blue! I couldn’t find my pencil so I started using this pen. I’m not sure what to write next. I’m not sure of anything anymore. I’ve had SO much STRESS over the last month, what with Dad & School and GYS(Granite Youth Symphony). Dad’s now sicker than a dog who has almost died but can still yell at people, which he does frequently. Luckily, it’s at an OK point right now. But last week, when he was taking so much morphine, he looked like a sagging statue who poops his diaper (that’s right, diaper!), sort of like a full-grown baby with really skinny legs. Grandma & Grandpa Parkes are here now trying to take care of him, and earlier came Aunt Linda (by herself) and Uncle Jon and Barbara. Gotta go. Ba-Bye!