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StarLab: the Action

Hi. You may have gotten lost back there. I’ll fill you in.

When we got there, we set up, changed, and had a briefing on how to use the mission control station and such. Then, at 7:00 (we played Phase 10 until then) the girls launched off, leaving us boys in the hall to watch The Santa Clause. We took the huge blue air mattress and dragged it up and down the blue hall with the carpet on the walls. We dragged it almost to the little masking tape line by the drinking fountain. We couldn’t go past it or the security alarms would go off. Anyway, at 10:30 my shift for mission control came, right at the beginning of an emergency for the girls. They had gotten off course and ended up in Andromedan space. Somehow They had gotten hold of some Andromedan eggs and the nearest ship was an hour away. Through communication with the Andromedan ship StarLab learned They had to sing paternal songs to the eggs, but not the some one for more than one and ½ minutes. It was fun hearing them sing stupid songs over the ‘com. After They returned the eggs and got back on course, I had to go to bed (after watching Rocky & Bullwinkle videos).

When I woke up, there wasn’t much going on until the girls landed at 7:00 three hours later. Then They got out and all of the boys got in. We set up, and in 30 minutes we were off. We did our experiments until about 9:30 AM, when we received a very fast transmission. It seemed a ship was in this planet’s atmosphere and their radiation level rose rapidly, It took us a while to figure out we were the ship in the atmosphere, but it was too late, as They already sent a huge warship after us. Right here, I had to go to sleep, so when I woke up the emergency was over. We resumed our experiments until 1:20, when the ship came back, and I already wrote about that. Towards the end of the flight, we received some Latin song about somebody wanting to go to Finland. We asked Mercury (the closest planet) where it was coming from. It took us a long time to decode their whistling language, but finally we got their suggestion to hail the ship next to us, who had just de-cloaked. Turns out King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (of Monty Python) were on board, and wanted the Holy Grail. Not knowing what to do, we sent them a can of SPAM instead. Well, you know what song that inspired. Two hours later, we landed.

That’s about all I have to say about that.


You are Now Entering StarLab

12:50 PM: Hello. I am now in the pilot’s seat of the cockpit, the one that doesn’t have Omega Race. Right now we are en route to Jupiter, after leaving the space station Epsilon, halfway from Venus. The girls followed our same flight plan, but got off course and ended up in Andromeda space, where They found themselves with Andromedan eggs. Hold on, the new schedule’s coming up. . .
1:40 PM: Aw, Shoot. The ship that attacked us earlier this morning has returned for some reason. I am trying to get the hyperdrive coils online. In the meantime let’s hope our cloaking device plasma coils hold out.
2:04 PM: I can hardly see anything. We are supposed to meet Jupiter Base Control in 6 minutes but the shields and cloak have failed. We have no life support or oxygen, and this darn flashing blue light makes it hard to see anything. And I just want to smash the alarm siren into a billion pieces. I’m not sure if. . .
2:22 PM: Phew! The other ship hit an asteroid and blew up!

StarLab Prep

Hello. I found much better odds. If I fill up 8 pages in 1 year, then this’ll be used up in roughly 24 years! Not 100, like before. I’m going to StarLab this Friday! StarLab is this space simulation thing where you get to go in a shuttle the size of a van for 12 hours. Before that you get to be Mission Control for the 12 hour girls’ flight. It’ll be from 5:30 PM Friday to about 7:30 PM (notice) Saturday, so it’s 26 hours, allowing launching and landing time & packing and all that stuff. They said to bring a databook/journal, so I’m bringing this! You will hear(read) nothing but my job as an engineer in StarLab, at Brighton High School. Until then, Bye!