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StarLab Prep

Hello. I found much better odds. If I fill up 8 pages in 1 year, then this’ll be used up in roughly 24 years! Not 100, like before. I’m going to StarLab this Friday! StarLab is this space simulation thing where you get to go in a shuttle the size of a van for 12 hours. Before that you get to be Mission Control for the 12 hour girls’ flight. It’ll be from 5:30 PM Friday to about 7:30 PM (notice) Saturday, so it’s 26 hours, allowing launching and landing time & packing and all that stuff. They said to bring a databook/journal, so I’m bringing this! You will hear(read) nothing but my job as an engineer in StarLab, at Brighton High School. Until then, Bye!


One response

  1. Ah, StarLab. I have a lot of good memories about this thing. Most of the events I outline in a later entry, so I won’t bore you with any details here.

    January 6, 2007 at 11:51 am

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