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Archive for January, 1996

I am

I am a musical computer guy.

I wonder why some instruments sound like they do.
I head the roaring applause of an audience as I finish a piece.
I see the last page of an 84-page score slide out of my printer.
I want to be wanted by someone outside my family.
I am a musical computer guy.

I pretend to be twenty years old.
I feel the fresh air on my face after I get out of a studio I’ve been in for nine hours.
I touch the synthesizer keys and record a symphony.
I worry about my grades.
I will cry when my dad dies.
I am a musical computer guy.

I understand that music composers/teachers don’t make much money.
I say, “Music rules!”
I dream about when I am married with three kids and a ’94 Chevy in the garage.
I try to do my best.
I hope I can do well in life.

I am a musical computer guy.


Mr. Holland, and his Opus

Wow. 12 1995 pages. I wonder how many there’ll be in ’96! Guess what?* I never realized exactly how close the procedures in that styrofoam rig people call StarLab are to real space flight until tonight, when I saw Apollo 13. That’s a great movie. It made me realize how fun simulators can be, but how much I DON’T want to be an astronaut, astronomer, or even associate with space. It’s ironic that I have gotten my Astronomy merit badge when I should be getting my Music merit badge. There’s a movie for that, too, called Mr. Holland’s Opus. Now there’s a cool movie. It made me realize that that’s what I want to do with my life. Teach & write music. Whammo. Complete appeal. The movie is about this music guy (Mr. Holland) who’s writing an opus. To get some money, he takes a job at John F. Kennedy High School as the music teacher in 1965. He helps many students achieve in music, while giving birth to a son who, ironically, happens to be dead. It’s a grrrrrreat movie! You have to see it. It’s just neat-o. Gotta go. Bye-bye.

Music ship

*Count how many times I say this in the whole journal.