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Back to square one

Well, what goes around comes around. I’m back where I started. Yep that’s right. I’m going to Kennedy Jr. High.

Kennedy is the school I was supposed to be at right now (if I didn’t move.) But I’ve been playing musical chairs with schools, jumping from one to another. In order (with grades at, inclusive) They are: Carl Sandburg (1-3), Academy Park(4-½ of 6), Rosamond (½ of 6), Oquirrh Hills(7), Midvale(½ of 8), Kennedy(½ of 8-present). It’s been fun. Have you noticed there have been only about 3 or 4 types of pen so far in this journal? There’s been pencil, blue pen, Red pen (like now), thick black, think black, and light blue! That’s 6 pen types over 22 pages! Just a thought. We had troop elections in scouts again, and I’m Senior Patrol Leader. Yea. Well, my new teachers at Kennedy are: Arriola(or sometimes Mom), Robinson, Silleto, Keddington, Paine, McBeth, and Divine. Well, to use an overworn cliche, gotta go. Bye.
P.S. Yep, I’m in touch with Dan again! He’s still as cool as ever. He’s a great guy.


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  1. I was moved back to Kennedy because I got an ‘F’ in my English class at Midvale, and my mom didn’t want to worry about how I was doing, so she moved me to Kennedy, where she was teaching at the time, to better keep an eye on me. The move was awfully abrupt (I was going to Kennedy literally the day after she got my report card), but the only classes I really regretted leaving behind were my band and German classes.

    This move, however, marks a very major turning point in my life. Up until this point I had never been a very popular kid, due to various reasons. As I’d gone through five or schools previous to Kennedy, and had little to no friends at any of them, I determined to change my own behavior to hopefully become more socially successful. Therefore, every time I was about to do something I would ask myself, “If I were watching someone else do what I’m about to do, what would I think of that person?” If the answer were something negative, I would refrain from doing that. It sounds simple, but it took a lot of time and effort to overcome many of my bad habits that drove people away (or drove them to ridicule me). As a result, the latter half of eighth grade was the first time I truly had a place in which I fit in and was content.

    April 2, 2007 at 6:01 pm

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