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Boring summer

It’s true. Summer came, saw, conquered, and ran away. I start school next week! My teacher are: Stack, Robinson, Silletto, Keddington, Bro. Brown, Shaw, Divine. That’s right, folks! I’m in the 9th grade! Sorry if I skipped a bunch of writing, but nothing much has happened this summer. Besides Scout Camp, the only big thing I did was go to my Uncle Jon’s house in California for 10 days. It was exciting. Barbara(my aunt) has two granddaughters named Crystal and Jasmine who are 3 and 5 and who act EXACTLY like my older sisters when They were that young. I know because I watched their home movies. Like many other things in this journal, it’s uncanny. My pen ran out of ink. Anyway, as I was saying, school starts in a week. There’s actually a person of the opposite gender that I like, but I’m not going to say who it is for two reasons: #1, in case somebody else reads this, and #2, so I can’t look back on this entry and say, “Did I really write that last entry? Blech. Cough Cough.” Well, you know what I’m going to say next, so I won’t say it…………………….Ah, what the heck. Well, gotta go. Bye. There. I said it. You happy now?


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  1. Ah, my fun trip to my Uncle Jon’s house. It had a fair amount of fun moments, but a lot of it was kind of awkward, mostly due to my immaturity and Jon’s situation. My (now ex-)Aunt Barbara was not a personality to which I was accustomed, being a non-member Latina. Their marriage wasn’t the ideal marriage either, and in fact, they got a divorce not too many years after this experience of mine. Plus, I wasn’t really briefed on how to be a courteous guest, and I did things like fake bug bites so I wouldn’t have to pick tomatoes. I’ve since learned to not be a jerk in other people’s households (hopefully!)

    The kids were cute, though, and actually pretty typical for their age, but since I was the youngest I didn’t have that much exposure to those younger than I at this point in my life, and therefore equated them to old videos of my sisters.

    I don’t even remember who I was referring to when I said I had a crush on someone. Due to the next entry, though, the smart money’d be on Shayla Meyer.

    April 2, 2007 at 6:07 pm

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