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The blurst of times?!? You stupid monkey!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. That’s how my life is right now. On one hand, my dad’s dying, Ben’s in the hospital, Kjersti (my sister) has to wear a neck brace 4 eleven weeks, and my mom is about dying trying to keep up with it all. On the other hand, I got tons o’ friends at school, including a kinda girlfriend(we’re working toward a friendship. At least I am) and mostly A’s in my classes, not any bad teachers, and Seminary! You know, I’ve been listening to the Cumorah’s Hill CD (mentioned on March 19, 1995), and it got me thinking. I’ve got a pretty good life. No smoking or drinking problems, basically a good family, not any real poverty, great school life, and many others. It’s true that I have some problems. Who else has two immediate family members (Ben & Dad) in life-threatening situations at the same time? Boy, that’s a great CD. The first thing I did when I heard Ben and Kjersti were in an accident was to write in this journal. The second was to listen to that CD. Well, gotta go. Bye.