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The two different me’s

Did I really write the Sept. 16th entry? Blechh. Cough Cough. D’ya know what I’ve decided? There’s two me’s. I’m serious. It’s like I have a split personality. There’s Me #1, who’s outgoing and tough and indifferent and wacky about everything. He is the usual me, the one I put on almost every time I’m in public or around anyone. Me #2 is more sensitive, cares more about lots of things and feels close to things and is basically a lot more submissive, sensitive, and lets his feelings out more. Me #2 is usually who writes in this journal. The closest Me #1 got was on August 6, 1995. The best examples of Me #2 are on Sept. 16, 1996; October 1, 1996; and January 19, 1996. There’s others, too, of course, but the best are on those dates. For example, the Sept. 16 entry. Me #1 would like to rip those pages out of the journal and torch them. “These are dumb,” he’d say as the lighter lights. “What kind of weird guy writes this kind of stuff?” But Me #2 loves those pages. He feels he should keep them for memories; to look back and remember. Neither is right or wrong. W, G G. B. (well, gotta go. bye)

(P.S. I’m NOT in love with Shayla Meyer anymore. It was just a phase.)