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Don’t call him Rodge!

Hello again. Sorry about the abruptness of that last entry. I just got sick of writing about the evil Daniel. He’s not evil, he’s just not my type anymore. This year we’ve been OK, since Annalee isn’t in high school yet.

Speaking of which, I am in high school now! For odd days I have: Fields, Gym, Ferrin, and Huber. Even days I have: Wamsley, Summerhays, Hemenway, and Hewitt. Right now we are in the middle of the school musical: The Pirated Penzance! It’s about a 1933 movie studio producing The Pirates of Penzance, but all the actors rebel against the evil director, played by Brett Bawden. I play Rufus Beasly, and I have two lines: “Rule number eight,” and “It’s Marshall!” We already have done two performances, and tomorrow is our final performance. It’s fun stuff.

I would write more, but I have to get ready for church. Today we are having a lesson on keeping journals, and I have to share an entry out of here. I’ll probably use the first one, since it is the only sane entry in this journal. Well, gotta go. Bye.


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