Jeff's online journal, ramblings, whatever.

Pajama Day can do some crazy things. . .

I’m going to try to write in this journal more often. (Yeah, right.) I didn’t tell you my new schedule for this semester. It is: odd days: Fields, Pierce, Ferrin, Huber. Even days: Wamsley, Summerhays, Hewitt, Spencer(later it will be Jones). I got the music video done and it is smooth. It’s for the song “In the Navy” and it features Casey Wayman, Brent Lingwall, Darren Boekweg, and Ben (my brother). It is wacky. You know what’s weird? Today feels like it never happened. Really. The same with Thursday and Friday of last week. Last week, by the way, was Spirit Week, and Thursday & Friday were Pajama Day and ’80’s Day. I guess when you spend a day of school walking around in your pajamas your mind starts playing tricks on you. I was doing stuff I normally do in my room only, like singing songs I make up as I go along, being really obnoxious (normally I’m just kind of obnoxious), and picking my nose; not a good way to impress Katie. She is the hardest person to tell what her feelings are. Maybe it’s because I am in the perspective of having a crush on her, but I hope she doesn’t think I’m dumb.

Well, gotta go. Bye.


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