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What the crap is “scud?”

I made it! Yesterday was full of stuff, but I made it through. I had to be at school at 6:00 A.M. to practice a bassoon quartet being held at the Solo & Ensemble thing that very afternoon. Also that afternoon was a Pioneer Memorial Theatre play (A Streetcar Named Desire) that the drama people were going to. I had to perform at Solo & Ensemble at 5:18; the plat started at 2:30 and took approximately two hours and fifteen minutes to complete. It was a thirty-minute drive from PMT to Taylorsville High (where Solo & Ensemble was) during rush-hour traffic. So I got there at 5:20; luckily They were running late. I plated a piece in a big woodwind group, then realized I FORGOT THE MUSIC FOR THE BASSOON QUARTET! AW, SCUD! I spent an hour searching for a copy machine, knowing that if I wasn’t back in time to play at 6:00, I would get docked points. I searched in five places, all rejects, and at about 5:55, I found one and performed it. Whew! Luckily the judge was Mrs. Van Deuren, my 8th grade band teacher, and was sympathetic to my cause, having seen me go through it countless times. I finally got home at about 7:30, and wrote an English paper worth 100 points from scratch! Good night!


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