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Madrigal tryouts

This Friday is tryouts for Concert Choir and Madrigals next year. I am going to sing “Santa Fe” from Newsies. I hope I do well, but at the same time, I don’t. Let me explain. If I make it into Madrigals, I will have 5 classes in the “performing arts” hall, which is G-hall. These classes will be: X-Works, Drama, Concert Choir, Madrigals, and Wind Ensemble. That won’t leave much room for English, History, Seminary, etc. So I will have to figure it out. Remember Katie Hewitt? I mentioned her a few pages back. Well, things are progressing nicely. We spent 30 minutes after school during Joseph rehearsal just chatting. Don’t you love chatting, especially with someone you like? Anyway, she is wrought up about auditions this Friday. She is first on the list. I told her not to worry and then explained that everyone else is rooting for her, you are always your worst critic, and that I was even nervous. Everybody thinks I’m a shoo-in because I’m “Perfect Pitch Boy.” Yay. THAT certainly improves tone quality and blend. In any case, I hope she’s not too nervous. By the way, if you noticed that one of my teacher’s last name is Hewitt (like Katie’s) then I’ll just let you know that yes, they’re related. W,GG.B.


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