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Et bien!

Wow. Today was the pinnacle of my life up to this point. No homework, first of all. Start of missionary week. But more importantly, the last and best performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! I was Issachär, a brother, and Ben, my brother, played Joseph! It was a student-produced play, directed by Brett Bawden, so it wasn’t the “official” school musical, but we still grossed about $4,000! Today we earned $2,400; so we had 800 people tonight watching! And it was great! I don’t remember anything going horribly wrong, the energy level was like this:

Energy Level of Joseph

and the audience loved every minute of it! I also had the most fun I’ve ever had in my life! If there were any three days I could relive, it would be Monday, Thursday, and today! In the words of James Sanders, “Et Bien!” which I have no idea what it means in French. However, it and others were the ways everyone expressed their exuberance! And best of all, I got a little fur Daniel Boone hat that Issachär wore! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Et bien! Woo hoo!


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