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Archive for April 26, 1998

Week of Death

So much for writing every day. Oh, well. Tomorrow and Tuesday(today is Sunday) are performances of the play Rumors, which I play the role of Glenn Cooper. Last Friday was our first performance. It went pretty well, although the house lights never went off.

Speaking of last week, omigosh! Last week was H-E-double Q! First off, the entire week except for Friday was Rumors rehearsals after school until about 6:00. Second, every morning last week I had to get to school at 6:00 in the morning for various practices and rehearsals. Tuesday, at 7:00, was Choir festival. Wednesday, at 6:00, was Band Festival. Thursday, at 7:00, was tryouts for a stake play. Friday, at 7:00, was a Rumors performance. So every day last week, I got up at 5:00 AM and didn’t get home until around 10:30 PM, and one night I had a 100-point English assignment!

Then we come to Saturday, the State Solo & Ensemble. I have to be at the school at 6:00 AM. Again. So, I get to school and realize I forgot my bassoon. It’s locked in the school, which won’t be open until we get back at 1:30. So, I call Dave Allgrunn, a bassoonist, and ask him if I can borrow his bassoon when he’s not playing it. He says sure. Dave gets to Timpview, where the State Solo & Ensemble is being held, at about 8:00. He has forgotten his bassoon, also. My first performance is at 8:12, his is at 8:36, and the school is about an hour away. from Dave’s house. So I borrow somebody else’s bassoon for the first song, and give it back to them as Dave borrows yet another bassoonist’s bassoon for the second song. After these two songs, Dave calls somebody and gets his bassoon before I perform in a bassoon quartet I told you about on February 19. It is graded by Mrs. Mckilligan, my 7th grade band teacher, and Mrs. Van Deuren, my 8th grade band teacher, is sitting on the front row next to Mr. Ferrin, my band teacher this year. Weird.

So I get home about 1:50 PM. At 1:30 were callbacks for this stake thing I tried out for on Thursday. Kjersti had left to go to these about 30 seconds before I got home, and Mom has no car because Ben is in West Valley working on a history project and Annelise is who knows where. Mom finally borrows the next-door neighbors’ car, and I get there about 2:30. Kjersti leaves about an hour later, and I have to stay until about 5:00, because They are running far behind. I finally finish there, and call home to discover Mom has no car and the neighbors left. So I end up walking home from the Tithing Hill Ward building, the building on the exact opposite side of the stake from our house. It takes me until about 6:30 to walk home.

At about 8:00, Ben gets home along with eight of his friends to work on campaign posters, because they’re all running for a class office. I join in too, since I am running for Junior class Vice President, an election I (do/don’t) win. By the time they all get packed up and leave, it is 12:30 AM. I wake up this morning and realize I left my Sunday shirt at school for my Rumors costume. So, I can’t go to church, which is just as well, since I have to finish 2 campaign posters and a banner as well as revise the 100-point English assignment (a short story about sandwiches) before tomorrow, at which I have to get to school at 5:30 AM and be home after 10:30 PM.

So, my posterity, when they talk about adversity back in this time, take a tip from me: It’s all true. I’m pooped, and my arm is about to fall off, so I’m going to stop writing now. Gotta go. Bye.