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Hello, John. Hello, John.

At least I’m writing once a month. We’re moving again. Back to West Valley. You know how on April 8, 1994, I mentioned that the others weren’t coping with it too well? Now, since I go to school in West Valley again, I can understand. You have to drive at least an hour a day, and that’s if you don’t have any extra-curricular activities, which Ben and I do up the wazoo. Annelise and Kjersti don’t count, since they’re not in high school anymore. Kjersti got a cat from the Bawdens. Their cat had kittens, and she got one of them. Its name is Toodles. I didn’t name it. Annelise named it Sapphire but nobody liked that. School is almost over! Just two more weeks, then 3 months of wackiness! I have a huge English report due on The Chosen Wednesday, as well as eight chapter reviews due in math on Tuesday. Tomorrow is Memorial Day, and I am going over to someone’s house to film this interactive interview with the characters from The Chosen. Then, my homework is basically over until I am a junior! Not much has happened since April 26th(last time I wrote). Well, gotta go. Bye.