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Archive for July, 1998

Pioneer Day!

Brief synopsis of summer: Did a stake play: Silhouettes Against the Storm, about handcarts goin’ west. Went to St. George w/ scouts, was really hot. Toodles ran away. Got a Super Nintendo. Rented a cool game called Chrono Trigger. Got email address named after main character of Chrono Trigger: Brent and Carolyn Dunn are going out, leaving Ben sad. Went on youth conference, in which we pushed handcarts goin’ west. Wrote lots of songs for Ben’s band SaXon Geat. Designing a website for SaXon Geat. Katie went to hospital for back surgery, but seems to be recovering well. Decided that Katie & I should just be friends, since that’s as far as it should go, anyway. Going to Summernary, the summer seminary. Helped out with Days of ’47 parade by setting up the first aid tent. Got entire Channel 5 news staff to laugh at me because I was wearing a cool Southwest Airlines hat and waving like a fool. Met a cool person named Vanessa at an LDS chat site, who lives in Canada and may become a pen pal. Well, not really a pen, but a keyboard. Still have weeks left! Have fun!

P.S. We’re not moving. Nobody will buy our house!