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More coherent? You decide.

Not much has happened in 16 days. I got registered for school. I’ll tell you my schedule next time, since this time I don’t have it memorized and it’s not currently in this room.

I’ve noticed that ever since I entered 10th grade, my journal entries have been at least semi-coherent compared to earlier years. If you compare, say, April 26th, 1998, to October 1st, 1996 (an arbitrary date. Almost anything before November 23, 1997 would work), you’d find that while April 26th talks about what happened in my life and how I reacted to it, the norm for journal writing, that Oct. 1st talks about weird psychological insights that are just off-the-wall and strange. It’s still important and it’s still me, but it’s still sort of nutty. Oh, well. This entry’s beginning to sound that way as well.

I’ve got two weeks before school starts up once again! Uncle Jon’s staying with us ’till Wednesday. He got laid off and divorced since his last mention on August 31st, 1996, so he figured he’d take a vacation before he starts his new job at Amway. I’d write more, but I’m really tired, and it’s late, so I gotta go. Bye.


Two gay men under the same roof?!?

I forgot to mention something important in last time’s synopsis. Jesse Henninger’s living in our house. His dad kicked him out and his mom is lesbian, so he’s living here until he can get his own apartment. He started off in the rec room (refer to schematic), but the dust got to his asthma, so he moved to the computer room and the computer moved to the master bedroom, where Mom is sleeping. Then we bought another computer, and Dad (who is going through rehab and is around the house lots more) wants it back in the computer room, and leave the old one in the master bedroom. However, Jesse can’t live in the rec room and there’s no more rooms left. So I moved to the rec room, Jesse’s moving to my old room, and the computer’s moving to the computer room. Basically, the wacky room shuffle. I’m now in a room with little carpet, an Atari 800XL, a Tandy 1000, and a heckuva lot of boxes. See schematic:

House schematic