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First Date

I’m writing an update. My schedule is: Odd days: Ivey, Fields(drama), Elliott, Pierce(Concert Choir). Even days: Fields(X-Works), Pierce(Madrigals), Bro. Hathaway, Sheya. Neat, eh? The school musical this year is The Music Man. Dave Omer is the Music Man. I play Olin Britt(a hypocrite with lots of spit who has been lit, according to Boe Mulford), the bass in the barbershop quartet, along with Randy Gunn (baritone), Scott Ricks (lead), and Daniel Burk (yes, that Daniel) (tenor) (not terror! Geez.) We always end up going sharp, but frankly I don’t care, because I got asked to my very first date! Anya Adams is the asker, and the dance is Sadie Hawkins. She asked me with a big block of ice and frozen dinosaurs. When I broke the ice open, a little note says, “Now that we’ve broken the ice, will you go to Sadie Hawkins with me?” I’m going to answer her with a 3d random dot stereo picture (of Magic Guyz™ infamy, see June 14, 1997) that says, “YES!” stuck in a thing of Jell-O, with whipped cream and Gobstoppers that look like eyes. I’ll probably include a corny message like “Would EYE like to go to Sadie’s with you?” Then she’ll have to eat all the Jell-O and try to see the 3d picture to find out the answer. Well, I have to do my calculus, and it’s 10:50 PM, so I gotta go. Bye.