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11th grade potpourri

Hmph. I sharpened three pencils, and just as I tried to write “November” in the date above, they all broke. So now I gotta use this sporadic pen. Oh, well. I finally finished my DBQ about Democratic-Republicans loosely interpreting the Constitution in the 1800’s and 1810’s. I have a four-day weekend and I wait until 10:40 PM on Sunday to start it. Now if that’s not procrastination, I don’t know what is.

SaXon Geat held a rehearsal yesterday. In case you have no idea what in the Sam Hill SaXon Geat is, it’s a band Ben organized that I write songs for and also play the keyboard. The band website is: On Tuesday we are performing “Love at the Regional Dance” and “Samba Dee’s Cryin'” at Open Mic Night, a night of fun stories that Literary Magazine is sponsoring. Tuesday is also our first Madrigal performance, during the day. We gots lots of Christmas songs, so we’ll be OK. I have writer’s block from writing that DBQ, so today’s journal entry is shorter than most. In any case, I gotta go. Bye.


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