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Archive for March 17, 1999


Today I just want to reiterate June 14, 1997. Also, if I ever get 1)a solo, or 2)a unique award, I want it listed, just to see if such a thing is possible. List them below. Thanks, dude.

International Jerk Award
Coolest Sound Guy for The Nerd and Deliver Us Not
The Infamous Darwin Bradfield Award
National Successful Procrastinator Award
Renowned Fake Award Giver Award
The “What the Foo!” Award
6th funniest high school student in Utah
Second Fiddler* in Everyone’s Life
-(Note: Later repealed on account of optimism)
Commander dolce e legato
33 on ACT Award
5 on at least two AP tests award
Shortest Fingernail Award
At Least You’re Not Jean Valjean Award
Everyone Likes Your Hair Award
Friends with Katie Hewitt Award
Gimp Award
Best Travels Orchestrator Award
Solo in the Midvale Harvest Days Musical Revue.

P.S. My sister is getting married to Mickey Murphy on Saturday.

*not literally. I don’t know how to play the fiddle.