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Pioneer Day! Again!

Brief synopsis of summer: Attended Boys’ State, in which I was elected County Assessor and wrote the seven crappiest essays this side of Ulan Bator. Attended Driver’s Ed at West Jordan High School. Finished Pimp Lando and began Pimp Lando 2 on a 3D Movie Maker program on our computer. Ben got his mission call to Independence, Missouri. Took the ACT Test and scored a 33, as well as scoring a five on both my AP Calculus and AP American History tests. Received driver’s license. Dad moved out and is living in an apartment on Redwood Road & 3800 South. Had many outings with Josh Reese, Darren Boekweg, and Billy, mostly involving Mario Karts and Super Smash Bros. Going to Summernary, the summer seminary. Reading Les Miserables for English, Attended Great Uncle Rex’s funeral and a few of Ben’s friends’ Young Women Recognitions. Attending Monday morning tap dance classes at Hunter High to prepare for next year’s musical, Crazy for You. Next week having TWO Madrigal retreats, one at Nate Winder’s house and one at Adrienne Rytting’s cabin. Still think that Katie Hewitt is #1. Still have weeks left! Have fun!

P.S. I still haven’t dated since Junior Prom in February.


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