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Frankly, the world has gone insane, and it has put me on the so-called “popular” side. Why? I DON’T KNOW! It’s insane! First thing that happens is I get called to serve in the Special Needs mutual, but that’s not too crazy. Next, I’m called as the Seminary Class President. I think, “Why me?” but I’m cool, I think I can handle this. Then Ben leaves on his mission and things get REALLY weird! In fourth grade I was ridiculed. In eighth grade I was tolerated. In tenth grade I was accepted. Now it seems like I’m being admired! Why? I dunno! I’ve had compliments before (mostly involving either music or brain capacity), but now people are complimenting my appearance! Things like: “You’re looking rather dapper today” or “You have the greatest hair (it’s always the hair). . .” I actually have more than one circle of friends! It’s a lot easier to talk to people without feeling self-conscious. I received my first kiss today. (Well, actually, it was a stage kiss, so it doesn’t count.) And what really takes the cake is that I’m great friends with Katie Hewitt! A goal has been achieved! How? I don’t know! Ack!


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