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The Car Accident

I haven’t been able to write with my right hand since November 24, 1999, so my journal entries (and about everything else writing-involved) have left a bit to be desired. So let me begin this first journal entry of the unofficial new millennium (the official not beginning until 2001) by explaining exactly what the foo has been going on these past few months.

First of all, on November 10, 1999, I sprained my ankle. This happened on the day the drama classes went to see a show at Pioneer Memorial Theatre. These days are always unlucky for me physically (last year I was kicked in the groin and my tailbone was bruised on different PMT days). Basically the end result of this was I had to use a cane while performing in Crazy for You, and I paid $60 to spend a weekend at USU with Chris Leigh, during which I took a lot of tests, limped around painfully on crutches, and basically learned that I do not want to go to USU. However, all of this was a relatively minor inconvenience, as the foot was basically healed two weeks later on November 24. That’s when disaster struck.

I was driving home on Airport Road for Thanksgiving weekend. I had been invited to a shindig at Katie Hewitt’s (!) house later that night, so I was happy, listenin’ to the Metroid™ theme on my car tape, when the EVIL CAR of DEATH and DESTRUCTION appeared before my, like a white harbinger of doom. I tried to stop, but it was too late, and CRUNCH! The car stopped, the tape in the player flipped over, airbag dust filled the air, and I had a sharp pain in my right hand. To make a long story short, the car was totaled and my hand was broken. A week later, I underwent surgery (number four for me!) to put stainless steel screws in the bone to be able to heal correctly. A week after that the doctor took the cast off and I finally got a glimpse of what my broken hand looked like, since I hadn’t seen it for two weeks. It was puffy and yellow, for the most part. Anywho, then it was put in a removable splint which I had to wear consistently until today. During December Madrigal performances and Chris™as and New Year’s and everything my hand was stuck in a large black thing with hardly any movement for either pain reasons or the fact that I just could not move it. I still can’t put my pointer finger & my middle finger together, and it’s very painful to write, which is why the handwriting in this entry is sloppy, even by my standards.

Anyway, enough about physical events. Socially, my life has improved greatly, even since October 18. I spend a lot of time with Nate Winder and Carina Jensen (who I’m taking to prom this year, date #4!), mostly because of this musical that Nate is writing, more on that later. Every day I eat lunch at McDonald’s with Andrew Beck and Haley Greer. Sometimes I have outings with Billy Grant, Josh Reese, and Darren Boekweg involving epics such as Super Smash Bros. I’ve had a couple of sleepovers with Billy Grant and Casey Wayman, in which we extend the saga of Pimp Lando (currently we have completed 4 of them and are working on the 5th). This isn’t even including some other friends such as Chris Roy, Corban Smith, and yes, Katie Hewitt. Which, by the way, is as far as it will go with her. Not so much because I’m not good enough for her or “it’s the right thing to do,” which were the motives I had in mind earlier (see July 24, 1998), but because we have not much in common. Doesn’t mean we can’t be friends, though! Bye!


2 responses

  1. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

    December 15, 2007 at 11:08 pm

  2. Um, OK. This was a pretty factual journal entry, though, so I don’t see how it’s open for debate.

    EDIT: On more investigation, it seems you post the same thing on every comment you make on the web, so I won’t take it personally, Mr. Spambot!

    December 16, 2007 at 1:29 am

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