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Tonight was the last night of my life. At least, the life that I’ve been leading for the past few months (since January 9, anyway.) I have been orchestrating a musical called Travels about Marco Polo that Nate Winder wrote, and tonight was closing night of the derned thing. This entire time period has been constant ups and downs physically, mentally, and emotionally. I was in the Deseret News as well as being on Channels 2 and 5 (Channel 4 interviewed Nate, but nothing ’bout me). I got all these cards, letters, and gifts, including a real Chinese calendar from China and a picture of the Chinese symbol for love. I’ll try to reproduce it for you here:
Chinese Love
By the way, Katie picked these out. Does this mean Hewpar is still on? Only time will tell. W,GG. Bye!

P.S. It’s been two years since the final performance of Joseph, and this day has been a lot more fulfilling, but in a completely different way.