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Quick college update

It’ll be January 18 before I finish this entry, because it is currently 11:59 PM. I’m now living at BYU, Deseret Towers, R-Hall, room 415. This semester I’m taking Music 194, 196, 198, 222, 287, 288, Phscs 167, and Rel A 122. Last semester I took AM Htg 100, Phscs 127, Rel A 121, 327, and Music 188 and 260R. Go look those up if you don’t know what They are. My roommate’s named Brandon, and we have absolutely nothing in common aside from the fact that we both stink at pool. Nate’s gone on his mission to Hungary, but Brett’s back from Thailand. You’d think after all these months I’d have more to say, but I don’t, so bye.