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On to the mission!

This’ll be my last entry in here for a while, even by my standards, simply because I’m starting my mission this afternoon. I’ve got a special “mission journal” for this occasion that I’ll write in for two years. By the standards of this book, that could mean anything from 8 to 24 pages total, but hopefully I’ll write in that one more than I’ve written in this one. Lately, that’s simply because ever since my car accident more than two years ago it’s been painful to write for extended periods of time. Hopefully that’ll change as well, and maybe my handwriting will improve *snicker snicker*. In any case, it mattereth not. As for what’s happened in the past four months or so, the answer is: not much. A few fun isolated incidents have happened, such as Ben (& Kj in July) getting home, Josh Reese and I dressing up as the Mario Bros. for Halloween, and both of us making a “Josh Reese Christmas Carol” starring you-know-who as Scrooge and featuring an all-star Hunter High cast (most of them cameos). Four words that I will leave you with for two years: Well, gotta go. Bye.