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Sibling rivalry

I know I just did an entry. I can do two in one day. It’s in the rules. Rules? Apparently.

Why are siblings controlling of our lives? I spent approximately a year in Idaho rooming with my brother Ben, and it was loads of fun, but at the same time I felt I had to live up to his expectations. I had opinions as to why I felt pressured by him, but I couldn’t get any validation from him, as no matter what I say when I talk about it with him he denies everything I say. Therefore I don’t know if what I’m about to say is true or not. Just don’t ask Ben; he won’t admit it. I couldn’t like who I liked, date who I wanted to date, even be friends with those that I wanted, simply because Ben wouldn’t date, like, or be friends with those people. It’s true, he never outright said, “Jeff, don’t be friends with so-and-so, because he/she is an idiot” but with the way he talked about other people I got a pretty good idea of the kind of people he approved of. Little brother thing, perhaps? Who knows? At any rate, I’m no longer in Idaho, where he is, so that influence is gone from my life, at least for the time being. However, I have hardly any social opportunities to meet new people in my current situation(living at home, working full-time, etc.), so who knows if I could wow the lady-folk? Based on past experience, probably not, but time vill tell. Sooner or later, time vill tell.

Next week I’m going to West Yellowstone with my friend Josh, to see both my siblings Ben and Kjersti, so will the situation be any different? Let us find out, mua ha ha. 99 Flavors.


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