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The first entry

Hey there! I’ve got a blog! Now I’m trendy! Actually, I’m mainly doing this thing for myself rather than for everyone to hear whatever I’m thinkin’. You see, my journal-keeping habits are horrendous, and as I like doing on-line things, I figure I’d update this thing every so often, probably. So therefore I’m starting this thing. There. You like it or not? So to start off this party correctly, here’s a picture of my head.


Today I’m doing a murder mystery show that my sister Annelise wrote and is in, as well as my good friend Nate Winder. It’s the dress rehearsal, so we’ll see what happens. I left the music that I was supposed to input into the computer at work yesterday, which is sucktastic. Suck. I’m the geeky piano player who loves sci-fi, so no actual acting involved. Slightly nervous, possibly.

A heads-up: this might turn into a lot of stream-of-concsiousness junk, so be forewarned.

To close this entry, here is what my AIM(MisterKerr) profile used to be, since I’m going to change it to include a link to this thingy:

“When [the greatest hymns and anthems] are produced, who will produce them? Will it be the most talented and the most highly trained among us? I rather think it will not. They will be produced by those who are the most inspired among us. Inspiration can come to those whose talents are barely adequate, and their contribution will be felt for generations; and the Church and kingdom of God will move forward just a little more easily because they have been here. Some of our most gifted people struggle to produce a work of art, hoping that it will be described by the world as masterpiece! monumental! epic! when in truth the simple, compelling theme of ‘I Am a Child of God’ has moved and will move more souls to salvation than would such a work were they to succeed.”

– Boyd K. Packer, “The Arts and the Spirit of the Lord” February 1, 1976.


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