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Finished the murder mystery. Our audience consisted of Josh and Jeff & Emily Murphy. That was it. The cast outnumbered the audience by more than 2 to 1, which doesn’t work for this kind of mystery, as there is a lot of audience participation and stuff. The show went well, however, so that’s coo. We’ll hopefully be ready for the actual performance on the 19th.

Kjersti’s coming into town tomorrow. Dunno why.

Well, since this is a “blog” that I won’t be heavily advertising to people I really know, I just want to say that, well, first of all, I’m really into Chip ‘n Dale’s Rescue Rangers. One thing I do, as a fan, is collect a lot of fan art from various places on the ‘net. And I have discovered that, for the most part, the pics from Russia evoke a lot more from me than those from other places. I don’t know why this is exactly; whether it’s the artistic style of the country or it just so happens that the artists that have that ability are Russian by coincidence. Consider the following pic by Russian artist Loki:

Loki’s Gadget

This is just Gadget looking at the viewer from over a brick wall. Very simple; nothing fancy. And yet, I feel something when I see it that many other pics don’t give me. It’s not really anything romantic or such, but more something. . .wistful, maybe? There are a few other examples that I could share, but I don’t want to use up all my webspace in the first few entries, so I’ll let it be. Don’t automatically demean something simply because it’s children’s entertainment; there’s a lot of good stuff that even adults can learn or experience.

(A side note:apparently the “Now Playing” line is somehow supposed to convey to the readers more accurately how I’m feeling at a particular moment; however, I’ve just been using to say what’s actually playing on my Winamp list. So, while you may not know how I’m feeling, you will get a random sampling of the music I listen to.)


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