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In anticipation

My mood is down, meaning tired, not sad, since tired for some reason isn’t an option, which is odd. I feel tired more than I feel “vegas lucky” or “on fire.”

I leave Wednesday for West Yellowstone with Josh, and I am pretty darn excited for that, especially to spend some time with Ben. Yes, I know, a few entries ago I was complaining about him, but he still is my brother, and we normally have a blast together. A lot of the things I was complaining about earlier I don’t even thinks he realizes he does, so at the times when he isn’t like that he’s the coolest guy in the world. Of course, that’s actually part of the problem I’m having; he’s such a good guy in my estimation that I feel that I have to live up to his expectations, even when they differ from mine. It’s usually better when we don’t live together, but merely visit once in a while; that way we don’t get sick of each other.

This year at the Playmill, the theater in West Yellowstone where Ben and Kjersti work, they are putting on three shows: The Foreigner, Bye Bye Birdie, and The Secret Garden. Kjersti is in all three, while Ben is on two and does tech for The Foreigner. I’ll have somewhat of a critique after I get home, but from what I heard from Kjersti yesterday they are all quite good, better than last year’s plays.

Also, one of these days I have to devote an entry in here entirely to Josh, as he deserves his own entry. But that will be for later; for now, I’m off to bed.


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