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Harry Potter

I’ve got a lot to record about this week that has just happened, but first, a word about reading material.

Well, I just finished reading the 6th Harry Potter book, and may I say that I enjoyed it greatly. I’m going to talk about it now, so there are about to be spoilers. You are now about to be warned.


First of all, I wholeheartedly approve of the relationship between Harry and Ginny. Unlike Cho Chang, Ginny’s got a head on her shoulders, and she’s always liked Harry anyway. It’s too bad that Harry feels they have to break up at the end, but who knows? Maybe it’ll turn out like the whole Peter Parker-Mary Jane Watson thing, as the similarities between that relationship at the end of Spider-man 1 and Harry & Ginny at the end of book 6 are similar, so I’m hoping the parallel will continue.

Another thing that’s interesting to me is that the book, while a great book(and much better than #5, in my opinion), seems to be more of a bridge than a stand-alone story. There were definite individual plots in books 1,2,3 and 4 (and 5 as well, but a bit less) that developed, climaxed, and resolved. While there were still plot points left undone, the major focus of the story was resolved. Harry found and protected the Sorcerer’s(or Philosopher’s) Stone, Harry solved the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets and destroyed the diary, Harry found out the truth about Sirius and saved him, Harry successfully completed the Triwizard Tournament(and saw Voldemort return to power), the Ministry finally recognized his return. In book 6 at the end, almost every single plot point brought up is left unresolved. You can definitely sense that the entire series is building to the climax, not just the book.

The betrayal and killing at the end is not entirely unexpected, but I believe that is a boon, not a problem. In Book 5, the death of Sirius was just random and not foreshadowed at all. In book 6 there is just enough doubt of Snape’s motives, especially considering past occurrences, that the reader doesn’t really know what side he’s on until the end, even with the early chapter having him consort with Death Eaters. You get the idea that he’s a double agent, but for whom? Same goes for many other characters such as Malfoy, and even Dumbledore himself. Somehow I feel that Draco will actually become Harry’s ally in book 7. Dunno why; it’s just a feeling. Anyway, the fact that the killer and killed are both well-established characters with a well-established yet at times questionable relationship heightens the suspense. Almost everything was foreshadowed, but there was enough doubt that everything very well could have gone the other way.

This book was also more mature than previous installments, not in terms of adult or sexual content, but in thematic content. Nearly gone are the whimsical descriptions of Bernie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans or the habits of the magical hippogriff. Almost nonexistent are the House rivalries, the magical enchantments and descriptions of every aspect of Wizarding life. Instead, there are chapters devoted to the psychological reasons behind Voldemort’s former rise to power, and the intricacies of Harry’s relationship to him.

Wow, I just got really tired, so I may or may not finish this later. But in any case, read the book!


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