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As you may know, I’m a Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Ranger fan, also known as a Rangerphile. Well, two things have happened recently in that fandom that have impacted me. First, and probably less importantly, is that at the main RR messageboard, the Acorn Cafe, I have been made a moderator. What a great privilege, and responsibility! Well, OK, being in charge of a message board isn’t the most difficult responsibility in the world, but it is fun to think that I got picked out of around 100 possible candidates. So if you make your way to the cafe to try to stir up trouble, you’d better watch out, as I’ll be on your heiny!
Secondly, and probably more importantly, is the fact that, come November 8th of this year, Disney is releasing both CDRR and Ducktales on DVD! True, I already have all the episodes, but that’s on dubbed VHS versions, and besides, the more of these that get bought, the more likely Disney will be to resurrect the Rangers in a present-day incarnation somehow. So everyone, get buying!

Here’s two pieces of news that will surprise you if you know either of these people. Katie Grant, Billy’s little sister, is getting married right now as I type! Jenni Porter(now Hogman) is pregnant! Whaaaaa?!?


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