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To keep the flame alive!

And thus we see that Jeff’s resolution to write in this thing was sadly not followed up upon. In actuality, I’ve began not a few posts on this thing, but haven’t really finished any. It’s my hope that this one will make it to your screen.

Actually, despite a few random links scattered about my personal on-line domain(websites, email sig, IM profile), I don’t think anyone else even knows this exists. Which means that anything I say here, despite being on-line and technically accessible by the entire world, will remain in the strictest confidence. Which means I can say anything I want and nobody will be the wiser. Ha! Duck shoe. Noodles and compatriots. Why do birds suddenly appear whenever I drink a beer?

Anyway, aside from the randomness, I am now 23 years old. Which, in human years, is, uh, 23 years old! I’ve been 23 already, though; that was the age of the person I played during Annelise’s Murder Mystery thing this summer.

I just realized my problem with these blogs! I have great ideas for them, then I start writing, and pretty soon all the ideas run away, like Superman from kryptonite. Maybe it’s the ADD talking. It certainly isn’t the SUBTRACT.



(This was a note made on my Pocket PC)

So… Why? That is my question. Let’s start with girls. Girls. Every single one that pays attention to me either is married or at least has a significant other. Every one. And, in the extremely rare case that one who is not already involved does pay attention to me, it’s mostly due to a lot of extra effort on my part, and that inevitably ends up in the “ball’s in her court” situation where they have promised to contact me. They never do, though. That phone call, that e-mail, that rendezvous… they never come about. I don’t know why. But that’s why I’ve never had a girlfriend.