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What does “crushed out” even mean?

Not much, so this’ll be quick. I’ve been replaying Baldur’s Gate II, and there’s a subplot in which the main character (you) can have a “romance” of sorts with certain female NPCs that join your party during the course of the game (there is also a male NPC romance if your main character happens to be female). Basically the romance goes thusly: every so often a window pops up in which the female character starts takling about something, and you have to click on the correct response. There are normally around two or three, and it’s usually pretty obvious which one you should pick (since the alternative is usually something like “I don’t have time for this right now, you whiny-baby” or something equally dumb). If you choose the correct option, the romance continues. Very simple, and it’s quite obvious this was designed by guys. Why is that, do you ask? I think all guys would dream of having a girl travel around with them doing what they want to do for no real reason other than to be with them. Then, to start a romance, there are only two or three choices to respond to what a girl does, and it’s pretty obvious which is the right one, instead of being able to say anything and not know that any one of them will help the situation. It would eliminate a huge amount of stress and worry for guys. Of course, I also believe that attitude is very selfish and inconsiderate for the girl, but then, what do I know?

It’s funny. Whenever I talk about relationship problems my sister Kjersti always says something to the effect of “Nonsense, Jeff! There are tons of girls that like you!” (more specifically referring to Rexburg, since that’s the only place in recent history we’ve had mutual friends.) My rebuttal is always, “Really? Who?” to which there is never really an answer. I’m not saying there was nobody who cared about me as a person, because I did have many good friends up there. But I sincerely doubt there was anybody who was open to a relationship.

Told you it was hard not to be cynical. But the facts don’t lie. And even if there was somebody, I’d never hear about it, especially not now. Heck, nobody reads this thing but me anyway. Guess I’ll go eat worms. Man, I don’t like self-pity parties, so I think I’ll stop this entry before people want to start throwing shoes at me.


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