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Dear Mr. Henshaw. . .

Dear Mr. HenshawWho has read the book Dear Mr. Henshaw? That’s what this blog feels like. Somehow, I’m writing to an imaginary audience so I feel like I’m getting my feelings out to somebody else, when in reality, it’s just Mr. Pretend Henshaw that reads it. True, it has the potential to be read by everybody in the world (just like the actual book Dear Mr. Henshaw) but I know that won’t be the case. However, it’s actually kind of therapeutic, being able to be as open as I am here, and pretending it’s going to an audience gives it a bit more structure than just “March 29. Blah blah blah.” You see, this way I can address somebody: you, the reader. Hi, reader!

Anyway, I just wanted to make that note. I gotta go to work. See ya, reader!


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