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This Heart

I go through cycles in many things in my life, and about two or three times a year I start thinking about Kim Isom. Well, the last time I really thought about her it resulted in an entry in this very blog, so I’m not going to rehash any of that. I will say, however, that I’m still as powerless to do anything about the situation as I was last time, although Kim’s mom sent Annelise a Christmas card and in it she told me that Kim should take me on a date to the Utah Symphony, with which she is involved and probably will be a member of in the future. Well, that’s not up to me. Hopefully, though, I’ll be able to contact her somehow this fall when I’m living in Provo and be able to sustain a friendship due to us living by each other. This is, of course, assuming she’s open to such an option. We’ll see.

Kim Isom and harpWhile I’m on the subject, I might as well mention a dream I had not long after I posted that last entry about Kim. It was one of the most romantic and moving dreams I’ve ever had. I don’t remember the majority of it, but I clearly remember one point where I was waiting at the bottom of a marble staircase, dressed in a tux. And down the stairs glides the most beautiful girl ever, wearing a peach dress with those gloves that go to the elbow, a diamond necklace, with her red hair pulled back. She was happy to see me, with just enough bashfulness to be very cute. I held out my hand and she took it, and we proceeded out to the dance floor. Several couples were out there dancing, but it wasn’t like a typical dance today where people just walk in circles and call it dancing. No, it was a full-fledged waltz, with each couple dancing in unison; straight out of a movie about the uppercrust 18th or 19th century, except the dress was more modern. I still remember watching myself as if from a camera angle, swooping in and out of the dance. And the song that was playing you can find here, so please check it out.

At the time I assumed that the girl was Kim, but it was hard to tell. I haven’t seen Kim face to face for almost five years now, and the only picture I could find of her (besides a video taken in 1991 when she was around eight or so years old) was one of her playing the harp, but the resolution is bad and you can’t really see her face. All I remember about it, though, is that it was very beautiful.

Who knows if this dream means anything? I don’t, but it’s very rare that a dream stays with a person for so long as this one has. And even if things don’t work out with Kim, this dream helps me believe and hope that somewhere out there, far beyond the stars, my wife is waiting to one day come down those stairs and take my hand, and proceed onto the dance floor of life.

And that day, my friends, will be the most beautiful day in existence.


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