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2:23:18 on June 5, 2018?!?

Why the countdown thing? Well, you can either 1)think of it as a completely arbitrary date, or 2)be waiting in anticipation until Josh Reese’s 36th birthday! Chances are he’ll still be mad that Dan Omer won’t be there!

So Kjersti’s graduating from college this week. I can’t be there due to work, but I’d really like to, as this will probably be the last time I’d ever go to Rexburg besides passing through on the way to Playmill, which will happen later this summer. Well, maybe I’ll see Ben’s graduation at the end of this year, but we’ll see. All I know is, my graduation is still in the relatively distant future.

I don’t have much to say today either. It seems there are some weeks when I just have a lot to say, then a long time (months, even) pass by where I’ve just got nothin’. Today, nothin’. Except for zibbidee-zop.


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