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Archive for July 13, 2006

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Ahh! I’m on fire!

It’s been a slow couple of days at work, so I figured I’d keep this open in the background and type stuff throughout the day, so this post may be pretty random in terms of subject matter. To start with, here are a couple of random sayings, done last year to keep track of prior files here at work:

Start spiraling down in a Talespin, Ohio
Stalingrad is not a city, boy!
“Vile Zapper!” Yoda whispered to Palpatine
Try not, Kyle, to damage your style
News: Thinner, Zestier, Anti-Amy!
Kindness ignites. . .

Here’s another one of those Gadget pictures I like(click for the whole picture). This one comes to us from Rye, from Beijing, China. I’m not sure what the story is behind this pic, but whatever it is, I like it. Plus, that is the most perfect color of hair in current existence.

While I’m posting random things, I might as well post my Travels Memoirs, written in the fall of 2000 regarding Travels, which was put on in the Spring of 2000. I don’t remember if I’ve explained a ton about Travels, but basically it’s the story of Marco Polo and his trip to China, with a lot of highly fictionalized accounts about his girlfriend and relationship with Kublai Khan and the other governors of the land. Although written by my friend Nate Winder when he was only 18 (and orchestrated by me when I was 17), it turned out pretty good. In those memoirs, the first part goes through every song in the show with my opinions and recollections about each one, and the second part gives an overview of my entire experience with the orchestrating and the directing of the pit orchestra. So if you’re bored by the in-depth song stuff, skip to the overview.

At this exact moment (11:00 AM), my grandparents are signing some papers closing the deal to sell their house. My grandpa is in an Assisted Living Center, and my grandma is living in a retirement community not far from the Jordan River Temple. There’s been a lot of stress about the whole sale, however, mainly due to my aunt Becky having some ulterior motives with regards to the money, but most of what’s suspected is just that:speculation. I’m not going to try to outline the whole story right now, since I still don’t know all the details. I just hope that everything works out for the best.

That’s probably enough for now. If I think of anything else I’ll add it.