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Archive for July 20, 2006


I’d like to revise my opinion of Liz’s opinion of me. I don’t think she has any interest whatsoever other than a friend. I think I wanted to see something there that wasn’t, and jumped to a lot of unfounded conclusions. So, just to set the record straight, in case any awkwardness would result otherwise. (I know the chances of her reading this blog are basically nil, since nobody reads this blog but me and apparently Haley on occasion, but I just want to cover my bases.) She posted in her blog again, and the only thing she said that might be remotely related was that in the past month she “read 2 books that have made me acutely aware of the pain of being near someone that you love but can’t be with.” I know that pain, but I don’t think she was referring to me, as I’m not near her. I’m guessing JD, ’cause everybody loves JD, much to Ben’s chagrin! I suppose Ben:me as JD:Ben or Brent:Ben. Even though both Brent and JD are married. Sometimes I give Ben a hard time in this blog, and I’d like to apologize for that. Although he really has had more success with girls than I have, he hasn’t had the success, and that puts us all in the same boat. And I guess the difference between Ben:me and JD:Ben or Brent:Ben is that Ben hasn’t succeeded either.

Oh, well. I gotta go to work.