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And now for the lighter side: bratwurst! Recently my friend Casey and I conducted a taste test: which bratwurst would reign supreme as the best brat around and which would fall by the wayside? To experiment, we purchased three types of brats from the local Harmon’s, which was the grocer in our neighborhood. The three types were Hillshire Farms, Johnsonville, and the local Harmon’s brand. They were fried up by expert Harmon’s cook Steve Porter, and consumed by Casey and me on July 29, 2006, at Nate Winder’s parents’ house. They were tried both with and without mustard, and served with some sauteed onions and potatoes. And the results:

Harmon’s: Second place all around. This brat served well both with and without mustard, but couldn’t snag the top spot in either category.

Hillshire: Definitely the worst plain. While it was good, it didn’t have quite the zing that the other two varieties posessed. However, with mustard it rose to the top, as its blandness was the perfect compliment to the mustard’s zesty taste.

Johnsonville: The number one plain brat, bar none. No wonder it’s the most famous brat: it’s got a zing to it that will keep you coming back for more! However, its strong flavor works against it when you add the mustard, and your taste buds can’t decide on the mustard flavor or the Johnsonville. It’s like sprinkling pepper in a salsa; it just doesn’t work.

There you have it, all you bratwurst fans!

In other news, Brent Lingwall invited Steve, Casey, Brad Moon, and me to go see his new house in Idaho Falls. I figured while we’re up there we might as well drop by the Playmill and give Ben and all the Players a quick “hello” and also see Forever Plaid while we’re there. And contrary to the advice of the guy who commented on my last post, I don’t I’ll say anything to Liz. (Well, anything “beyond friends” anyway.) Long-term relationships are extremely difficult, especially budding ones, and anyone who confesses their feelings for a girl and then leaves her, never to see her again except by fortuitous circumstance or going extremely out of the way to make time for it, is just a jerk. This is best left buried, and I’ll move on, like I have before. That’s all.

Speaking of those comments, I wanted to repost a paragraph I said there here in the main blog, mainly because it has some songs I wrote in it.

And, for the record, I do normally put my creative talents to good use, even when I’m feeling angsty. I’ve written or arranged over 90 songs over the years (that I have saved on my hard drive, anyway). For a few examples, when I had a crush on Anya Young, I wrote this song (minus the weird “jazzy” part in the middle; I did that later.) I indirectly wrote this song for a girl I liked at the time. And my favorite song I ever wrote, “Lightning” (and its orchestrated version I wrote for a girl pen pal I had at the time. I express myself through the songs I write.



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