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I can post in church!

I’ll be brief, since I probably shouldn’t be blogging in the middle of church. This Pocket PC can either use an onscreen keyboard or a letter recognizer/transcriber to input text. I tried the transcriber last week during my film class. In addition to the notes being pretty random, the recognizer was clearly not foolproof, especially if one has bad handwriting. But let’s see what you think (note: the first part was input using the onscreen keyboard):

(begin paste)

Kids’ acting is the real thing. If a filmmaker wants a kid to act traumatized, he traumatizes the kid.

We need actors so we can learn lessons without putting ourselves into compromising situations.

Is there anything you learn in this class that you didn’t innately know before? I mean, come on! Judas Priest! It’s all this philosophical discussion without much straight learning. On one hand, that makes me feel better about missing so much.

ACT DARBOE DARBOE THIS WORD DARWho am I next to?7wdghyhbdfgnkohgvcwfndxfgnj,koujmuimvhtgcytgbfy6ggftfcdgnjyfcssfhui,mknghgtgcrgdrg

Hon manic OS-. us suck? What? Felt-? On stage? I’malnays on stage j- ac kie Chan is on stage. on occasion Pick your nutes,these arc quite random, Billy Acting is something we all know and do, however ti is done Now we’11 watch a ‘documentary” Ul ntrammeled Perform, Darboe! Girls love Paul Anka: And really, who doesn’t? EVERYONE is the victim of Paul Anlxa Acive you ever watched people? t7’S an amazing thing to see how people interact ,dude. Stageacting isn’t always big, and fi Im acting isn’t always small, like Jim (arrey Don’t INVALIDatf. I. 1 legible Actors are important tools Imnote hllegibrey Thour that’s better nore exuberance, the frame gets biggah! Nonsense Nun sense! Waster, there’s am mourner rakel . invalnerarble whatever. Creatively, Chaplin is the film guy but Itleatonis a master Filmmaker Jeff Parkes Requires Kumility Humility Mis on sen Play scenes talk in the partly jer kface famous performance inthe middle, let’s thing ‘”roll ) Break I think I’ve finally accurately written down what goes on in my head! -. This is totally it”! Dunude! not nude! NHS that LOWEicas_f? yes Ihaie permanently lost all bank of coherence It’s amazing how my cursive is more readable to thus thing than is my printing This is Cursive This, however, is printing aka my normal handwriting Hey: It’S not doing badly on either count: relatively speaking- o’ course. Life is beautiful It’s time to begin again Signthe damned roll, Jamba juice is like 519.OO or so! lotsot cuts in Student fi Imsidecars the acting sucks Jots of cuts in student films because the acting bucks Sam Schma Hz! Johnathan makes me want to kill myself: SeeiiouI of context Tons of music! Casablanca! Music makes yaw forced to feel badCrying=spirituality? nooo Wagner was interested in integrated art workI am improiscd) Jac kietude GestaH entity is d musical Whole exceeds sum of parts Gestalt that’Swhat You are watching beHah, mom look how Stars arent everything Rhythmic superstar transcending tirro and spare bipace not spare crap it all ??? that’I appropr rate can’f psychologically handlei-171.3, RS tha’ it? Ithinkit’S being eatenby some Linux or somethingtoo late fow their kid I’m wrtt74g horribly Shadonlands isa good show, sir LBtento Your sonncltrichy Color box Don’t get 7,7 by9 batty Sillybear kid from Jurassic Park Music was used to emphasi ze,no^t underscore Reins Reminded about The science guy may halt movies but they rural more truth than may maStraight placesntrusive Anditechts suck It keeps going You can leave things blank if you wish, but it’s just silly to fill it all in only immature. artists do it Design is keg Keys adding is immataritt F. ‘St s c- es O Someone is unable to express his emotions peopleact ditterenhfy in Response tocrisis leant Respond to his fathers death go.dawn I raeoess greatest story evah T.Otloecoffk Kendrick lfffi kendr;dx Hi,sir buttocks Exploit ation is not cool One person’S excess is another person’s heaven! laaaa! Italian know it Sophri Copolla

(end paste)

Make sense to you? It doesn’t to me, and I wrote the fern dern thing! Actually, this post is mainly to draw attention away from the previous, selfish post. I’m leaving it up, as I believe in preserving all sides of my history, but I’m not proud of it. Admitting your problems is the first step to fixing them, I suppose. Anyway, I should get back to church.


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